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Hey MM lovers!! #MENGONILIVE2016

POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS ///// April 27, 2016

News !! I had the pleasure to realize for DWOK visual for you I really wanted the good of Marco Mengoni … Unfortunately in this recovery the video do not see that great … I would say is almost a teaser.



Soon coming up other pictures of this stunning project!!

Hey businessmen, travel in style from now on!

POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS ///// July 31, 2015

We filmed something special and we will show soon!


Paper Fancy / Full Animation

POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS ///// July 21, 2014

TYPE: Visual, Moodboard for videoclip
ROLE: Concept
AGENCY: Logout

Visual proposal for an Italian singer-songwriter single.
We don’t know if it’ll be realised but the mood would be very romantic…We’ll see.




POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS /////, Portfolio July 7, 2014

TYPE: Graphic Animation
ROLE: graphic design, animation
CLIENT: ESA, European Space Agency

Here’s a project that I didn’t publish because it was reserved for internal use.
I changed the texts, all business references and add new title.
Clearly now doesn’t make much sense but you know…

Golden Look / Ray-Traced 3D Renderer

POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS ///// July 3, 2014

Exploring 3d material option in After effects CC to get a nice look, lighting and reflection.

3D Text Animation / Ray-Traced 3D Renderer

POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS ///// June 26, 2014

Testing new ray-traced 3d feature in After Effects CC.

3d text extrusion, lighting and reflection built in After Effects CC.

Music: Cold Out There by Jon Hopkins.


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POSTED IN ///// Not Only NEWS ///// June 11, 2013

TYPE: trailer
ROLE: concept, direction, editor
CO-DIRECTOR: Ivan Augello
D.O.P.: Ivan Augello
SET DESIGNER: Alberto Tondella


Tony, an ambitious teddy bear, is ready to escape her old life to find something different.
The production of our short film was launched at the 5th edition of the # VanchigliaOpenLab … here’s the trailer! stay tuned guys!